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Where it all Began: A Very Christian Conspiracy Against the Cross

  • Posted By: Francis Akinola
  • Email: francis@arcfacilities.co.uk
  • Posted on: 7 Apr, 2023
Francis Akinola

Once upon a time, in ancient days

Christ Jesus suffered a painful fate

Crucified on wood, stripped, and shamed

His sacrifice was a new beginning of history


Catholics dared to represent this ignominy on the cross

But wove a loin around Christ’s waist to hide the truth

Trouble arose in the aftermath

As Christians grappled with the meaning of the cross

Leaving behind cults that insist on the ‘whole truth’


A struggle between caution and full expression

Tussle of faith and enlightenment

An insistence on unity and caution

Against rationality and full expression


Protestants emerged seeking to right the tyranny

Causing a revolution of freedom and liberty

By removing Christ from the bond of the wood

And leaving a wooden cross devoid of Christ


A culture of work without eternal meaning arose

Causing a cultural fragmentation of truth

The relativism of reality toward individuality

And a splinter of Evangelicals to rescue the harm


But Evangelicals removed the wood left by Protestants

Creating their unique model of the cross

Causing passion without process

Experience without structure,

Spirituality without heritage

And a de-Christianised nihilism now taking hold


Catholics covered the truth

Protestants removed the truth

Evangelicals recreated the truth

Everyone guilty of a conspiracy against the truth


The truth may not be easy to face

But it is the only path to freedom

For, reality started from the cross

And liberty is found in this shamefaced ignominy




Where it all Began:  A Very Christian Conspiracy Against the Cross